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Welcome to our new website. Please see Amazon websites worldwide for all our books. Search for 'sian and bob guides'

Expedition World is a specialist company dedicated to travel and travellers, especially in mountains and deserts. Our ongoing project is the Himalayan Travel Guides series of Nepalese trekking guidebooks, published by Map House in Kathmandu, and also available on Amazon and Kindle. Read more and purchase books from Amazon/Kindle.  For details of our Annapurna trekking guidebook, published by Cicerone, see Annapurna, and our new Karakoram trekking guidebook: Karakoram - K2 Concordia


We've also produced a new selection of picture books to entice and inspire in equal measure... or simply dream... search for Sian and Bob pictorial guides on Amazon


With such a diverse world, there is no limit to the places we find captivating. This site is primarily about information and experiences, but we do occasionally organise trips to places away from the mainstream. In the past we have taken groups to Algeria and Niger in the Sahara, and ran an 'oldies' overland trip from the UK to Kathmandu. See also Africa OverlandSaudi ArabiaIraqi KurdistanChad and Lebanon


For a different overland route back from Africa to the UK, why not drive across Tibet? Doing this in our 30-year-old Land Rover was one of our most exciting adventures yet!

We've also helped bring to the page the life story of Dr Kailash Sah, the first paediatric oncologist in Nepal, in paperback, hardback and Kindle: Tough Medicine


For something completely different, you can now read my father's diaries of the Second World War, which he started writing over 85 years ago, as an 11-year-old boy in North Wales: Dad's War Vol I and Dad's War Vol II, as well as a special commemorative hardback edition Dad's War Vols I & II. 


In 2022 we published a guide to the artists of Nepal (in paperback and hardback): Living Art of Kathmandu: A Shangri-La of Eclectic Artists


Our latest adventures in 2023 were to Iraq and Yemen guidebook and Yemen pictorial guide

Our autobiography In Search of the Green-Eyed Yellow Idol is available in black & white, colour paperbackcolour hardback , and Kindle.


See also CiceroneBradtStanfordsDaunt books and in Nepal: Map HousePilgrims

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